Monday, 13 August 2007

Library on the move!

You may not think the library looks very mobile but here's some photographic evidence to prove all you sceptics out there wrong!

A car waits patiently as the library trundels by. I like holding up traffic with the Library, there were a couple of indcidences where we were forced on to the road and had a procession of cars behind us. It definitley got the Library noticed.

The Library pitched up outside many different venues, here it is outside Saint Alphege Church.

Once the Library has arrived at its chosen destination there is no time to waste, the Librarian must hunt down and recruit new members!

Once drawn in to what the Library has to offer they are signed up to become fully fledged members.

Photographs by Simon Steven 2007

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

This Months Book, LOLITA!

This months book is that provocative twentieth century classic Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I am very lucky to have nabbed Murrough O'brien, jounalist and playwrite to chair this months book club debate. Peter Cushing fans amongst you may be wondering what the connection is between the man himself and Lolita. ( I did promise book clubbers that all the books would some how relate back to the splendiforous Cushing!) Well, although tangential he does appear in the Stanley Kubrick version of the film. There is a scene when Lo, Humbert and Charlotte all go to the drive in, they are watching Frankenstien. Cushing appears on the screen for a split second, then the camera cuts back to Lo and Charlotte ( who are sitting either side of Humbert) grabbing hold of Humberts Knees as they gasp in terror.