Wednesday, 8 August 2007

This Months Book, LOLITA!

This months book is that provocative twentieth century classic Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I am very lucky to have nabbed Murrough O'brien, jounalist and playwrite to chair this months book club debate. Peter Cushing fans amongst you may be wondering what the connection is between the man himself and Lolita. ( I did promise book clubbers that all the books would some how relate back to the splendiforous Cushing!) Well, although tangential he does appear in the Stanley Kubrick version of the film. There is a scene when Lo, Humbert and Charlotte all go to the drive in, they are watching Frankenstien. Cushing appears on the screen for a split second, then the camera cuts back to Lo and Charlotte ( who are sitting either side of Humbert) grabbing hold of Humberts Knees as they gasp in terror.


Tom said...

Dear Serena
Your library looks wonderful, and I adore Lolita, and I would have loved to attend (if I was invited!), but I'm tied up that night regretfully.

I used to be a commissioning editor at Random House, and am a big book lover. I'm about to become a student again in London, but will try to get back to Whit when I can, so I hope I can join one of your activities in the future - it all looks great fun, and a great community project.

All best


Serena Korda said...

Hi Tom,

Thank you for showing an interest in The Library of Secrets. Glad to hear your a fan of Lolita and yes you are very welcome to come along to any of the Book Club Debates. You can even become a member of the Library! If you would like to become a member, please contact me at and I can send you further info about future book club debates and other events.

The next book will be 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', date to be confirmed, but it will be sometime in late October.

Sorry to hear you can't make this months debate but I look forward to meeting you at a future book club debate!

Best Wishes

Serena Korda
Head Librarian
The Library of Secrets