Sunday, 24 June 2007


The Library has arrived in Whitstable! This is part of a four day residency located at the Whitstable Museum and Gallery. I am here to advertise and promote the library in Whitstable, recruiting as many new members to the Library as possible. The Library will be staying in Whitstable for a year, it will organise a book club, a writing challenge, a campaign to save the Whitstable Librarian and much. much more!
The Library will travel around Whitstable throughout the year, apprearing in different locations, including the Public Library, the Horsebridge Centre and the Museum. People will be able to deposit secrets, memories and thoughts amongst the pages of the books as well as participating/attending book club debates, film screenings and book sniffings.
This residency is part of a year long project that will culminate at the Whitstable Biennale in 2008.

Tomorrow is the Library’s first outing and at the moment it is hard to see a.) how the community will react to the work,b.) if the library will actually move, c.) if the library will actually be able to fit through the narrow alley way that runs down the side of the Museum. All shall be revealed tomorrow!

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