Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Library of Secrets is a mobile library conceived out of a love of keeping and finding things hidden amongst the pages of books. This bespoke double sided bookshelf houses an eclectic collection including 19th century fiction, historical reference, biography and crime thrillers. However, unlike most libraries the value of this collection does not lie in the rarity, significance or condition of its books but instead in what is entombed between their pages. I wanted to create a mobile environment that would become a collection point for the knowledge, thoughts and wisdom of a community. As I often keep pieces of writing that are important to me inside books I wanted to replicate this idea in the library. Appearing and disappearing in different venues, this structure has a tardis like quality, embedded within this double sided bookshelf are two writing booths, inside them you will find everything you need to express your thoughts; pen, paper and privacy. Once committed to paper you are invited to place your thought/s in one of the 400 hundred books that line the library’s olive wood shelves.

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